Ever since I first saw a hussif/housewife/travel sewing kit on Pinterest a couple of years ago, I had the idea to (eventually) make one of my own.

It felt like the perfect accessory for someone who liked to take their needlecraft with them when heading out for the day.

But it did raise the question of what I was going to keep in it. After all, the housewifes that I did come across catered to a wide variety of users. There were ones that accommodated every single sewing accessory under the sun, and then there were some creations that held just the bare necesseties.

For the past couple of years, my go-to shawl pattern has been Dominque Trad’s FibreFest Shawl 2018. The only thing was that I’d only ever made version A. Until the current lockdown.

Which was when I finally decided to attempt version B. I originally had plans to follow the yarn selection (Adagio Mills 4ply) and colour palette recommended by the pattern, but the darkest colour (Forte) was sold out when I went to buy the yarn. I ended up going with a palette that was one shade lighter, since the lightest colour in their 4ply range (Natural White) was available in abundance.

Where do I begin?

NSW is in the thick of yet another lockdown. A lockdown that currently shows no signs of letting up.

Yesterday yielded 644 new cases, prompting harsher restrictions. Including the Local Government Areas of concern. Because of that, I had to get a COVID test (and prayed that it will come back negative) so I could keep my allergy specialist appointment on Tuesday.

While I feel largely unbothered by the latest raft of restrictions, I am starting to feel a little stir-crazy. I only noticed this when I started relishing every time I left the house to get my grocery haul, visit the pharmacy or grab a McFlurry.


As with most office workers, I am working from home until such a time as the government see fit to allow in-office work again for non-essential employees. The only real work-related plus at the moment is that I can work while wearing my PJs.