Having meals out (especially at a nice resturant) is my favourite way to treat myself. After close to decade of sampling Sydney’s food scene, there’s a small handful of places that I find myself coming back to time and time again. Even after telling myself that I’ll try new places to expand my palette.

At the top of the list is Sake. Sake is a contemporary Japanese restaurant, with locations in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. The location I visit the most is the one in The Rocks. When I’m in Melbourne, I always make sure to visit the Hamer Hall and Flinders Lane venues at least once during my trip.

What I love about Sake is the manageable portion sizes. I am used to smaller than average servings, so trying to repeat the experience when eating out is a bit of a challenge. The nigiri sushi (always served in pairs) makes for the perfect starter. If I’m feeling peckish, I’ll order 2 different types. My go-tos are the salmon (both the saikou and salmon belly) and the omlette. For the “main”, my perennial favourite is the karaage chicken. The sauces change regulary, but the crispy perfection always stays the same. I also love the beef tataki (which I haven’t seen on The Rocks venue’s menu for a while).

I’ll never tire of chicken karaage

Ironically, I have mixed feelings about the popcorn shrimp. (Largely influenced by my own bad experiences with prawns elsewhere) Prawns are one of those food items that are at their best when they’re not overcooked. Otherwise, one is stuck with a chewy mess.

For drinks, it’s usually a glass of wine for me. My favourites are a full-bodied red or a glass of bubbles. For non alcoholic options, Sake has a few options in their drinks menu. If you felt like a mocktail that wasn’t on the menu or a classic cocktail, you could always ask (nicely!) for it.

A typical order for me is usually:

  • a portion of nigiri sushi
  • a main
  • 1 drink
  • dessert (if I feel like it)

The average bill is around $60 AUD, so this is something that I don’t do too frequently.


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