After reading this post on Nine’s beauty blog earlier in the year, it got me thinking about how much I spend on my own beauty regime.

So, for the best part of 2020, from 1 January to 20 December, I kept tabs on every single beauty related expenditure. And I mean every. single. one. Whether it was a beauty product or a service, it went into the spreadsheet I was using to jot everything down.

I went into this experiment expecting the final figure to be pretty high, given my own preferences for the finer things in life.

Still, I was surprised when the final figure ended up exceeding $3k. $3,340.56 to be exact.

Some of the standout expenses:

  • my haircut. This works out to be an average of $138. I get my hair done at one of the nicer places in Sydney and consider this to be my regular indulgence. It is also worth noting that my regular cut includes a wash and blowdry.
  • The Tatcha Violet C Serum. I remember that my skin was going through a very bleh phase at the time.
  • The Ultra Violette Queen Screen. I got caught up in the hype after seeing it on one of my favourite YouTube channels, Mathilda On Video. It turned out to be a dud for me because it felt too greasy on my skin. And Queen Screen was supposed to be their lightest formulation.

Possible changes for 2021

Right now, I am going to say that really simplifying my beauty regime is going to be my number one priority. In skimming through the spreadsheet, I can see that I’ve spent way too much on different “trial” products. Another change that I’m flagging for next year is nixing professional manicures (and possibly pedicures) altogether. Now that I have a manicure kit at home, I can do my own nails instead of getting them done at the salon.

The full spreadsheet


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