I am not one for grandiose birthday celebrations. Eating out at a nice restaurant is enough. In recent years, I’ve taken to having my birthday lunch on my own. Dining out solo is one of life’s underrated pleasures. Apart from not having to worry about scheduling conflicts, there’s something so peaceful about enjoying one’s own company. For 2021, I had my ‘main’ birthday lunch on Saturday because Quay only takes lunchtime bookings on weekends during the COVID era. The standouts were: Shiitake & squid noodles with sour koji butter I enjoyed the chewiness of the noodles themselves. The prominent sesame flavours didn’t hurt its case either. The Maremma Duck with orach, gooseberries, onions & Kampot pepper Loved the duck. Wasn’t entirely sold on the onions though. White Coral This is what I would consider the successor to the OG Snow Egg. (Side note: I am still a touch salty that…