Let’s just say that I was pretty glad to make it to the end of this work week. In between settling back into a ‘work week’ routine and juggling the unholy number of bugs that came in and trying to get code reviews done… Food always seems to be the perfect remedy for a crazy week.

I caught up with a girl friend for a bite of brunch late Saturday morning. We went to Cook & Archies, as it was a place neither of us had been to before and a place my friend had been itching to try before she moved interstate.

I ordered the Smashed Avo & Haloumi Toast, while my friend got the Zucchini, Corn & Haloumi Fritters. Before any of you jump into the comments about my resolution to try new things, let me say that it was getting pretty toasty in the city on Saturday. I’m talking low-mid 30s toasty. And the last thing I wanted to be having on a warmer-than-average day was a “hot” dish like the Shakshouka I previously had my eye on. We also got a bowl of chips to share.

The first thing I noticed about my avo toast was that it was substantial. As in: “barely qualifying as a light brunch” substantial. Between the toast, its trimmings and my share of the chips, I was set until dinnertime. Oh, and the mimosa I ordered to chase down said toast.

Now for the actual toast. Even though it was technically smash avo, it was still piece-y enough that I could still eat it with a fork in same manner as the haloumi that it was served with. I think that the avo itself was seasoned with either lemon or lime because I could taste the citrus on it.

The other standout of the meal was the bowl of chips. They were crispy. Properly fried grade crispy. My only regret was that we didn’t finish the chips, because our priority was to demolish our “mains”. By the time we were able to go back to the chips, we were close to setting down our cutlery.

Bill Breakdown (for 2 people)

Smashed Avo & Haloumi Toast w/ Jamón Serrano$28
Zucchini, Corn & Haloumi Fritters$23
Chips (shared)$10
Iced Latte$6
Weekend surcharge (10%)$7.7
Debit Card Surcharge$1.27

As a couple of items in the bill were shared, my share of the bill came to $48.12.

Venue Details

Address: Shop 1a 4/14 Buckingham Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Website: http://www.cookandarchies.com.au/


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